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Some Drawing Fun!

Do you know this book?I picked it up during the summer.  The title, Let’s Draw HAPPY People, sounded very positive and fun to me!  I’ve done  a lot of figure drawing from a live model in my time, but I’ve never really done any illustrative characters.  I was so excited to give it a try. 

I’m determined to make my way through this book.  I take each character, one by one, and draw them on a small piece of paper.  I call them “Drawing of the Day” or “Daily Drawing” even though I don’t quite do it every day and sometimes I do more than one a day.  I thought if I posted my favorites, once and a while, I would be more apt to draw regularly.

So…here goes!!

For these first drawings, I cut up some older 12 x 12 pattern paper.  I draw with a pencil first, then go over it with black ink.  As you can see, I leave my pencil lines.  Right now, I like how it looks.  I tried erasing the pencil lines on one drawing and I missed them.  I guess it’s the thing I have with layers…I like seeing the process of the piece.  I rarely use an eraser, so you may see mistakes underneath.

I really enjoy doing these drawings. When I look at them, they bring a smile to my face.  My favorites are the ones I don’t quite get like the examples in the book and therefore, they develop their own quirky personalities.  Drawing these little guys keep me loose and give me more confidence in my other work.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderfully imagnitive day!!!

Supplies:  Pattern paper: Provo Craft; Pencil: Pilot Dr. Grip(!!); Ink pen: Zig .005 tip.