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BOO to You!

Happy Halloween everyone!!  Here I have a Quick and Cost Effective Halloween card that I recently made and sent to my nieces.


I went to my Claudine Hellmuth HSN stash, grabbed the Welcome to Swellsville card making kit and Sweet Shoppe sticker kit and put together this card in minutes.  I added the skeleton that actually seems to be saying “boo” (I don’t know, do skeletons talk?).  He is  from a 3D sticker package I purchased quite a few years ago from the Target $1 bins.  I think he brings some focus and life (aren’t skeleton’s dead?) to the card. 

All kidding aside, I always feel I learn a little something when I quickly make a little card like this.  For instance, the cloud in the upper right is actually a thought bubble.  Instead of using it for its intended purpose I tucked it behind the house.  Tucking it underneath gave the background more interest and dimension, while relating to the strip of patterned paper at the bottom.

Also, using Claudine’s images means most of the work is already done.  This spooky-cute house sticker is so beautifully illustrated, not much else is needed.  Claudine also has a Halloween clear stamp set that includes two similar house stamps and other spooky images.  You can see and purchase Claudine’s clear stamps by clicking here.

Well, I wish you a spooky fun Halloween and I’ll see ya next week!  I’ll be sharing a new project I’ve been working on.  Here’s a hint:  It’s small, yet big and very transformative.  Hmm…

xo, Evie


Happy Mother’s Day!


Need a last minute card to go with Mom’s flowers?  I made these 3 petites in minutes and everything was from my “older” stash A little cardstock, patterned paper, a couple of punches, and some dimensional stickers…voila!  I am going to attach them to the flowers with a mini clothes pin or you could punch a whole through one corner and tie it on with a beautiful cut of ribbon.

Wishing you a lovely Mother’s Day!

xo Evie

Simple and Sweet

Today I am sharing a  simple Quick and Cost Effective card I made for my cousin who recently had a baby girl.


Quick, because I set my timer for 30 minutes, but only took 20.  Cost Effective, because all supplies came from Claudine Hellmuth’s Welcome to Swellsville card making kit (under a dollar a card).         

Card making kits are the way to go.  Everything is right in front of you and you don’t have to dig around through your entire stash.  With this card, I made a point of using the items that worked first and resisted even looking through everything in the kit before I starting gluing and sticking down.  Not only did it make things go quicker, but I had to improvise with my own drawing/doodling (YAY !).  For example, after I stuck that thought bubble down I though it could use some kind of border running along the card and behind it… so I drew my own border.  Also, I wanted to ground that cute pink bear.  She seemed to be floating in space, so I drew a line on either side of her and wasn’t quite happy with that…so I kept going with a controlled scribble.  I really like how the scribble came out between the bear’s legs, by then I think I figured out what I was doing.

A quick thought:  Create your own card making kit!  Dig through your stash and gather all the items you might need to make some fabulous greeting cards and or gift tags and put it in a wonderful  box.  Or…as I plan to do, replenish a purchased card making kit as certain supplies dwindle.

I just created a new Quick and Cost Effective Category in my side bar, so just click on it to see all Quick and Cost Effective posts!!

xo Evie

Sweet Wishes


I had so much fun combining  my new “Party Time” and “Words and Frames 1”  stamp sets from Claudine Hellmuth Studio and  items from the Jenni Bowlin Studio February 2013 Papercrafting kit , which include Modern Mercantile patterned papers and the Printer’s Block Alpha’s rub-ons,  to make this “sweet” birthday card. 


I use jet black Archival Ink by Ranger to stamp the images over the patterned papers and cut them out.


I put some foam squres under a few of the center flags to add some dimension to the banner.


Calvinball is almost over so it’s time to get points however I can.  I taught an art lesson at my son’s school today so how about a point for spreading creativity to the young!  Also, 1/2 point for this post.

  • Calvinscraps: 8
  • Calvinblog:  5 1/2
  • Calvinbonus:  25
  • CalvinTOTAL:  38 1/2

Just a “sweet” note.

Valentines Day is over….is your box of chocolates empty yet?


This is a “sweet” note card that took just minutes to make using a pre-scored card, cardstock card wrap, fabric trim, chipboard sentiment, and a yummy chocolatey scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker.


A few foam squares to pop up the heart box sticker and call it done…I mean cute!!


All supplies are from Claudine Hellmuth’s Welcome to Swellsville card kit and Sweet Shoppe Stickers.  You can visit Claudine’s super cute retro website and blog by clicking here.

Paper Love

Happy Valentines Day to you!  I am so glad you stopped by my blog today.  Still so excited about Claudine Hellmuth mentioning me on HSN Feburary 12th, as she was introducing her new Paper Love Paper Pack, I decided to make this card full of love exclusively with Claudine Hellmuth’s Papercrafting kits available at


I pulled some of the items I love from her various kits to craft this card.  I started with the pre-printed and pre-scored card base from the Holly Jolly Holiday kit.  The super cute love birds on a wire and the word “love” on the bottom are from the Happy Days border kit.  I just trimmed them down from 12 inches to fit the card.  The cute bow, chipboard heart and  chipboard “love you” are from her Sweet Treats chipboard kit, which was a sell-out….but, lucky for us she has a brand new Milk Truck chipboard kit full of amazing self-adhesive colorful chipboard pieces.  Lastly, I cut down the 12 inch teal dotted border sticker, from the Holly Jolly Holiday kit, to add some emellishment to the top of the card.  This matches the light teal bird and the “love” at the bottom perfectly to bring the card together. 


Above, you can see I added some foam strips under the word “love” for some added dimension.

You can probably tell that I really enjoy working with Claudine’s papercrafting goodies.  There is so much I can do with them from scrapbooking, to card making and home decor.  Her colors are so cheerful, her imagery so whimiscal, and even the titles of her kits are so fun, that I can’t help having a good time when I’m using her line.  Also, storage is not an issue, since Claudine creates amazingly cute packaging to hold each kit. 

Don’t forget to pop over to Claudine’s product page at and her retro-fabulous website and blog to check out all her amazing kits for yourself.

It’s a Mention!

I’m so excited to share with you this cute “It’s a Boy” card I made entirely from Claudine Hellmuth’s HSN papercrafting kits!!  Because all her kits coordinate so well together, it took me only minutes to whip up this card.  Another reason I am so excited is that Claudine mentioned me…little old me…on HSN as she was introducing two new papercrafting kits on her Feburary 12th airing.  Thanks Claudine!!! 


Even though I combined elements from Claudine’s various kits, for example the pre-printed card is from the Holly Jolly Holiday kit and the amazing 3-D stickers are from the brand new Pop Art Stickers 2 kit, her indiviual kits give you what you need to make loads of fun cute cards and  tons of beautiful whimisical layouts.


This super cute 3-D pacifier sticker from Claudine’s brand new Pop Art Stickers 2 kit has a layer of colored transparency and the additional detail of glitter.  Wow!

So click here to view all of Claudine’s HSN papercrafting kits and don’t forget to visit her retro-fun website and blog by clicking here.

Also, check back tomorrow for a really cute Valentines Day card made with Claudine’s kits and I’m hoping will have the video up with the “famous” segment.  😉

Supplies:  Card base: Holly Jolly Holiday kit; fabric trim: Super Swell Scrapbook kit; 3-D stickers: Pop Art Stickers 2 kit; chipboard: Welcome to Swellsville card making kit; Bow and buttons: Sweet Treats Chipboard kit.