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Resoluting and Ruminating

Hey there!

January is almost up, so I’m just squeezing in a quasi-new-year’s resolution post.  I really wish I would have gotten this up at the beginning of the month, because I did start off the year with uncommon enthusiasm.  You remember: a New Year, a New Beginning.  Now, at the end of the month with real life butting in, I find my enthusiasm waning.  You know: car problems, scheduling and rescheduling doctor’s appointments, keeping on top of my forgetful ds’ homework assignments and class projects, etc.   All those little and big things that crop up and take time away from all those new year’s goals and plans.  No wonder we give up on our resolutions or worse yet, give up on  making them.  But there is hope, I say!!  I think January should be considered a month of adjustment.  Yes, make the resolutions, the goals, the plans, but give yourself a month to put them into practice; see how they really fit in your schedule, adjust them and maybe scale back a little; but don’t give up.  It is a New Year, a New Beginning, a time for uncommon enthusiasm.   And with all this is mind, I chose a resolution to help get me through what life dishes out.  Well it’s not really a resolution, but rather a state of mind.


(pinned from

I know, I know…another Keep Calm…but bear with me.  This really struck me when I saw it on Pinterest and I’ll tell you why.  Firstly, take time to really read it.  Keep Calm….take a deep breath and Scrap On…just keep making stuff.   The reason this made such an impression on me is that between Christmas and New Year’s Day I took the time to take that stack of layouts I made over the last year and put them in page protectors and get them in my albums.  It was like a year in review.  A review of what I created in this past year.  I can’t tell you the happiness I felt and all the reflection and introspection that came about.  So, I will share with you an excerpt from my daily journal from 12-28-2013:  “Whatever I went through, whatever was hard – I made these pages.  I have these creations to show for my year and they are good & worth it!  I love them unto themselves – beyond the blogging & galleries, I love them for what they are; little pieces of personal art.”  So you see why I related to this Keep Calm in a more deep and meaningful way.  It just seemed to symbolize what I had written in my journal.  And it reminds us that yes, life is busy; unexpected things come up, but it is so important to do the things that bring you joy and help make life meaningful for you. 

And I will bring it to a close there.  I have more practicle things to share about what I learned from looking at my older layouts that relate to more specific goals for this year…but I will save that for another day.  Maybe, Resoluting and Ruminating Part 2? 

FYI:  My posting schedule will revolve around the Sketch N Scrap challenges, which are on the 1st, 10th, and 15th of the month.  I will also throw in a post here and there to average it out to posting about once a week.

Thanks so much for stopping by and see ya Saturday!  Remember not to give up on those resolutions and keep creating!!!  Life is good!

xo, Evie


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  1. This is a great reminder. As much fun as it is to get feedback, scrapping is ultimately done for ones self. Happy new year 🙂

  2. Yeah ! Keep the creativity flowing ! Don’t let anything stop you !

  3. Yes, life is good, especially when we do things that make us happy, like scrapbooking. 🙂

  4. It’s definitely easy to forget to stop and reflect on all that is positive when life get’s busy being life! Glad you found a piece of inspiration to smile about during those hectic moments! 🙂

  5. It’s so nice to be reminded to just enjoy our craft, thanks for the reminder!!

  6. I have a stamp my bff gave me years ago that I see everyday. When life gives your scraps, make scrapbooks. I think it’s basically the same inspiration.

  7. I saw that too~I have been thinking alot about what you are talking about:):)

  8. I love that idea! January being a time of adjustment!
    So far we have been dealing with a lot of the same things. sickness, school work woes, trying to fit so much in with so little time it feels.
    My perspective is to just cut myself slack and do what I can.
    But I am trying to focus on a healthy living lifestyle.

  9. Truer words have not been spoke girl! I LOVE it! I am have thought it but never put it into words and if I had tried couldn’t have done it as eloquently as you! Thanks for sharing and putting things into a better perspective!


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