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My Paris Scrappy Supplies

In this post I want to share with you my scrappy supplies (old and new) and a little bit about how I thought I was going to scrap my Paris photos in the past and my current plans.

We took this trip to Paris in 1999.  That was before I began scrapbooking so, my original plan was to put my pictures in a regualr photo album that would include ticket stubs, postcards, and brochures.   Hmmm….we know that didn’t get done.  I started scrapbooking in 2002, after my son was born, and although I was busy scrapping photos of him I did think about those Paris photos.  Now though, I thought about how to scrap them.


 As you can see, I bought a wire bound Canson album with black paper inside.  I was going to use it with black photo corners and maybe a few of those Frances Meyer stickers.  Although I was scrapping regular 12×12 pages at the time, I wanted to make an album that would resemble an old photo album.  These pictures were so precious to me and had all the awesome details of Paris, I thought they could stand on there own.  Hmmm….I’m glad that didn’t happen.  The negative strip was bought a few years ago and happened to have some French words on it and the K & Company I bought last summer on a whim.  As for the yarn, button and charm…they were actually purchased in Paris!  The memory is a bit fuzzy, but I went into a little Paris shop and picked the yarn out of a bin, which is actually made in Belgium, and I picked the little snowflake button out of a dish on the counter.


Fast forward about ten years and here we are.  Paris pictures still not scrapped, but major inspiration has come my way (the how to be revealed in a future post), new supplies have been purchased, and a new plan has been devised.  Above, from left to right, we have some exclusive Jenni Bowlin Modern Mercantile, October Afternoon Travel Girl, some October Afternoon from 2011 that I found on 2Peas (map with green border), and jillibean soup (postal).

As for the plan or philosopy if you will…my idea is to approach this project like an old scrapbook.  Remember those scrapbooks that maybe your mom or grandma had that held newspaper clippings, recipes to try, a favorite actors picture, and a lovely card from a friend.  A place for things of interest; a place for things worth saving.  I’ve choosen this idea as a start, because I may have the urge to make a page about the orgin of the fleur-de-lis or about the painting that brought tears to my eyes at the Musee d’Orsay.   I’m defintely figuring it out as I go, but that is the exciting part and it is not going to be perfect, but it is going to be art…memory keeping art. 

DSCN2076  Here is some more October Afternoon Travel Girl.  I love the streets of Paris (Guide Book)  paper, but I especially love the Streets of Paris stamp.  I just had to order it.  The possibilites are endless, don’t ya think?


Here is a mix of old and new or really the “I forgot I about that” shot.  I absolutely love the Teresa Collins stamp set.  I know I’ll be using those fleur-de-lis stamps a lot!

So, that is everything for now, plus my Paris Holiday stencil from Claudine Hellmuth.  I’m not sure what I’m going to use out of this, but I wanted to show you it as a little history of sorts.  I may purchase more items as I go, but this is a start.  There is so much Paris related supplies out there, I’m thinking as I get more and more into scrapping these pictures I will see what I want and need.


As promised, a sneak peak of my next layout.  You can see, I’m using the OA Streets of Paris stamp.  Isn’t it awesome?  And if you made it this far in my post, I think you are awesome!!!

Future Paris Series posts will include:

  • The above layout.
  • Consistancy between layouts?
  • The book that got me going on all this.
  • That stack of pictures.

Super glad you stopped by!!  See ya next Tuesday.  xo, Evie


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  1. Lots of fun travel/paris related supplies!

  2. Well done for getting back to this project! I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and the process you’ve been going through in deciding where to take this project and look forward to seeing it develop. And just in case you haven’t seen it yet, Webster’s Pages is releasing a follow-up series to an old favourite: Postcards from Paris II. It’s a very different style from those you’ve collected so far but there might be some items you like and can work into the designs. Good luck!

  3. Such a great collection of supplies, Evie!

  4. I am loving the Travel Girl from OA!

  5. I am loving your supplies you’ve picked and can’t wait to see what you create.

  6. Frances Meyer, holy geez, that’s a brand name I haven’t heard (or seen) in awhile! 😉

    I want the Travel Girl stuff so bad, but it sold too quickly out of my cart on my last scrappy order. WAH WUH. I’m excited to see how you use it, though!

  7. I can hardly wait for you to begin. I love October Afternoon as much as I JBS~ great supplies:):)

  8. I can’t wait to see how this goes! I’m hoping to be inspired to move my Semester in Europe pictures from their boring photo albums to interesting scrapbook pages I am willing to share.


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