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Simple and Sweet

Today I am sharing a  simple Quick and Cost Effective card I made for my cousin who recently had a baby girl.


Quick, because I set my timer for 30 minutes, but only took 20.  Cost Effective, because all supplies came from Claudine Hellmuth’s Welcome to Swellsville card making kit (under a dollar a card).         

Card making kits are the way to go.  Everything is right in front of you and you don’t have to dig around through your entire stash.  With this card, I made a point of using the items that worked first and resisted even looking through everything in the kit before I starting gluing and sticking down.  Not only did it make things go quicker, but I had to improvise with my own drawing/doodling (YAY !).  For example, after I stuck that thought bubble down I though it could use some kind of border running along the card and behind it… so I drew my own border.  Also, I wanted to ground that cute pink bear.  She seemed to be floating in space, so I drew a line on either side of her and wasn’t quite happy with that…so I kept going with a controlled scribble.  I really like how the scribble came out between the bear’s legs, by then I think I figured out what I was doing.

A quick thought:  Create your own card making kit!  Dig through your stash and gather all the items you might need to make some fabulous greeting cards and or gift tags and put it in a wonderful  box.  Or…as I plan to do, replenish a purchased card making kit as certain supplies dwindle.

I just created a new Quick and Cost Effective Category in my side bar, so just click on it to see all Quick and Cost Effective posts!!

xo Evie


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I love scrapbooking, working in collage, card making, etc.

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  1. A girl after my own heart. I love fast, quick and cute cards too!!! This is a keeper!!!!

  2. This is so sweet, Evie! It looks like it took more than 20 minutes to me.

  3. So adorable evie!!!!! Love it!!!!

  4. Such a sweet card and it certainly helps to have all your things ready before you begin to make a quick card!

  5. What a sweet card! Love the idea of making my own card making kit.


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