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I’m in Donna Downey’s Bathroom!!!

…no really!!!  Well, my art work is!  I participated in Donna’s amazing Altered Brush Project!  What has her bathroom got to do with you ask?!  Well, at Donna Downey Studios, Donna wanted her bathroom walls to look as amazing as her gallery walls…thus was born the Altered Brush Project.  To find out more about it visit her blog SIMPLY ME.  My brush is on her blog post today, Pinterest and in her bathroom!!!


The photo of my son is a black and white copy that I transfered with multi-medium to sticky-back canvas.


I painted the raw wood of the brush handle with black gesso and did some sanding in areas.  I then layered on top of the sanded gesso with acrylic paint and randomly placed rub-on letters.


I rusted the metal band around the brush, painted dash lines and added twill.  I altered the chipboard frame by applying seed beeds and clear gems.  I painted the gems with acrylic paint.  I really am happy with the looked I achieved with the painted gems.  They look like they have lost some of their shine over the years and I think that works with the piece.

DSCN1096Thank you so much Donna Downey for this opportunity!!!  I really enjoyed creating  this piece and I am so thrilled to be a part of this project!

Please leave  any questions about how I made this altered brush in the comments and I will leave a reply ASAP.  As always, thank you so much for stopping by and I do(!!) appreciate all the lovely comments!!!


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  1. Hey, we’re neighbors! I’m in Donna’s bathroom, too. Would love to get there some day and see them in person. Your brush is gorgeous – love the type treatment and that sweet photo.

  2. Claudine Hellmuth

    Evie this is fabulous!!! I love how you used the rubons!!

  3. how cool is that!!! awesome paint brush!!!

  4. love your paintbrush!! i did that project too- so much fun!! thanks so much for the nice comment on my artist trading cards!

  5. Oh wow!! Amazing!! Congrats! That is such a fun project! 😀

  6. Fun!!! Those letters are cool, and love your photo!!!!

  7. WOW that is so totally awesome… I love it

  8. Katie Nolan-Denham

    Very cool brush! What a great thing to be showcased in Donna’s place!

  9. Fun!!!!!! And a very cool paint brush!!!


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