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When’s Recess?!

I love this picture of my son on the first day of fourth grade.  He asked, “Mom, can I do a crazy one?”  I said, “No”, and took a decent picture of him.  Then, I said, “OK, now you can do a crazy one”…and this is the result.  I’m so glad I took the crazy picture!  I’ve used this image before on another project and I’m sure I’ll use it again.

In this layout I am taking the figure out of his original environment and creating a new one for him.

Most of all the supplies I used are from Claudine Hellmuth’s HSN paper crafting kits.  Here, in this detail above,  I am layering a chipboard piece on top of a sticker, making a large stack of books.

I took the paper airplane stickers, rubbed baby powder on the back to remove the stickiness, and applied a foam square to add dimension.  Then I added the dotted flight trails with a marker.

I made custom paper by drawing around the dots with a 08 tip marker that comes pretty close to the thickness of the thought bubble outline at the top of the layout.

I added an apostrophe with a little bit of white acrylic paint and a 005 tip marker to go with the rub-on letters.

I really had fun working on this layout and the result just makes me laugh.  I hope you enjoy it too!

All supplies are from Claudine Hellmuth’s HSN kits unless otherwise noted:  Cardstock: Holly Jolly Holiday kit; Pattern paper(graph): Recollections; All other pattern paper: super swell scrapbook kit; Chipboard: sweet treat chipboard kit; Stickers: sweet shoppe stickers kit; Rub-ons: Rub-on O Rama kit and welcome to swellsville card making kit; Fabric trim: superswell scrapbook kit; Markers: Zig; Acrylic paint: Liquitex.


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I love scrapbooking, working in collage, card making, etc.

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  1. Love your page! I love the elements from Claudine’s kit. Her images are so much fun to work with!


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